Amid Farm Economy Troubles, Farm Credit Administration Releases 2020 National Oversight Plan

This week at a press briefing in Washington, DC, three CEOs of Farm Credit System (FCS) institutions – AgriBank, Carolina Farm Credit and American AgCredit – announced that the System’s portfolio of “stressed” agricultural loans nearly doubled, from four percent to seven percent. Not long after, the System’s regulator, the Farm Credit Administration (FCA), released its 2020 National Oversight Plan.

It could not come at a better time. The FCA’s record on enforcing the Farm Credit Act and keeping the System in line is spotty at best. American agriculture is at risk, and the FCA needs to increase its oversight of the System so that it doesn’t leave farmers – especially young, beginning and small farmers – out to dry like it has in 2018.

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The Second Farm Credit Hearing: A Recap

Reform Farm Credit recaps the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry’s oversight hearing of the Farm Credit System on May 19, 2016.

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CT Judge Calls for Federal Investigation of Farm Credit East

The FCS has had its fair share of unauthorized loans and transgressions, but this one takes the cake.

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Farm Credit Conceals Unauthorized Lending

The Farm Credit System (FCS) has a well-documented history of operating out of the bounds of its charter to its advantage. The last time it over-expanded, it held its hand out expectantly, waiting for the Treasury to issue it a $4 billion bailout.

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Study Slams Farm Credit System

Nebraska, the heartland of America, where corn and wheat grow tall and cattle grow fat. An outside observer would think that in Nebraska, of all places, there would be a lot of support for the Farm Credit System (FCS), right? Take another guess.

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Senior Democrat on House Committee on Agriculture Calls Out CoBank

Last month the House Committee on Agriculture grilled the Farm Credit Administration (FCA) on its inability to keep the Farm Credit System (FCS) in check. And word has been getting out.

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Deposits by Any Other Name

Are the Farm Credit Administration and the Farm Credit System taking too much liberty in how they follow their own rules?

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The Farm Credit Hearing: A Recap

Since no one should have to sit through two and a half hours of testimony from the Farm Credit Administration (FCA), the Reform Farm Credit team has decided to give a rundown of the committee’s best questions and the FCA’s lackluster responses.

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FCA Regulation Gone Rogue

The Farm Credit Administration is finally getting into the regulation game.

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The Hard Truth Behind Farm Credit’s Tax Breaks

Underneath the mountains of impenetrable data and one-off feel-good stories lies the hard truth about the Farm Credit System’s (FCS) tax breaks.

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