Reform Farm Credit Wins Out in Elections

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The polls are closed, the ballots are counted and Reform Farm Credit is still hard at work!

The 2016 elections were hard fought, but fortunately many advocates for Farm Credit System (FCS) reform came out on top.

We here at Reform Farm Credit would like to recognize those elected officials who stood up to entrenched interests and were able to win out despite the odds. Below are just some of those elected officials who deserve our utmost congratulations!

·         Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA). At the Senate Committee on Agriculture oversight hearing in May, Sen. Grassley roundly criticized the FCS’s inability to answer to charges that it operates outside of its charter.

·         Representative Collin Peterson (D-MN). During an interview, Rep. Peterson stood up to CoBank’s mission creep and to follow congressional intent.

·         Representative Rod Blum (R-IA). Rep. Blum questioned whether the FCS should be lending to very large and profitable entities that are loosely related to agriculture.

·         Representative David Scott (D-GA). During the House Committee on Agriculture’s oversight hearing last December, Rep. Scott asked the chairman of the Farm Credit Administration (FCA) whether the FCS’s financial stress testing was on par with the rest of the financial industry.  

Reform Farm Credit is proud to recognize senators and members of Congress who want an FCS that follows through on its mission. And sometimes that means having to call it out when it needs to be called out. Congratulations on your reelection, and please continue to fight the good fight!