Farm Credit Wants to Finance Your Next Non-Ag Venture

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Have you had your eye on that expansive piece of real estate that is just waiting to be developed into a luxury property?

If so, Farm Credit is here to help.

That’s right, the most recent edition of the award-winning Garden & Gun magazine, which focuses on Southern music, food, arts and culture, features a full-page advertisement sponsored by Farm Credit that encourages you to look to the GSE to finance your next country home or recreational property.

While Garden& Gun’s readership – whose average household income is upwards of $330,000 and whose average net worth is $2,255,000, according to its advertising guide – do not conjure an association with the small, beginning farmers and ranchers that Farm Credit should be serving, it does reflect a willingness by Farm Credit to lend to just about anybody for any purpose. This is great news if you’re looking to finally build that equestrian arena, two-car garage or wine bottling facility out in your own, personal rural oasis.

As advertised, be sure to follow Farm Credit’s real estate portal ( and you’ll learn how to obtain “rural financing for the good life,” which, of course, includes waterfront properties!

If you’re worried that this sounds like a risky venture, rest assured that Farm Credit has a history of approving and eating major, non-agricultural loans that ultimately turn sour. For example, a billionaire’s ex-wife secured and later defaulted on a $34 million line of credit from Farm Credit of Virginias to finance an extravagant winery – this despite the fact that she had inherited a mansion and $1 million in annual payments from the earlier divorce settlement.

Clearly, this is not your grandfather’s Farm Credit System. Today’s FCS is not burdened with pesky congressional oversight, which allows it the freedom to lend to the masses. Secure your loan today!

FCS Garden & Guns Ad