Reform Farm Credit

Congress could fix some of Farm Credit’s most egregious issues.

Every five years, Congress makes sure that agricultural policy stays fresh by developing a piece of legislation called the Farm Bill. Continue Reading


Farm Credit Insurance Corp. Lowers Premiums Despite Growing Debt

Like any insurance corporation, the Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation (FCSIC) is there to protect Farm Credit System (FCS) institutions, Continue Reading

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Reform Farm Credit 2017 Year in Review

Happy New Year! Reform Farm Credit (RFC) has been hard at work for three years, making sure that the Farm Credit System (FCS) follows the rules, Continue Reading

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Is Farm Credit Putting American Taxpayers at Risk?

In 1987, American taxpayers generously guaranteed $4 billion worth of bonds so that the Farm Credit System (FCS), overwhelmed by debt brought on by its inappropriate, irresponsible lending activity before and during the 1980s farm crisis, could survive. American taxpayers were willing to forgive the FCS’s abuses and bailed it out.

But agriculture experts are worried that the preconditions for the 1987 bailout may be happening now, thirty years later. National Public Radio reports that, although the overall farm economy is “showing some stability” the “upswing doesn’t extend to all agricultural sectors,” according to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). This is troubling news.

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Farm Credit Deposits Are Unlawful, Uninsured and At Risk

Before and after its bailout in the 1980s, the Farm Credit System’s (FCS) M.O. has been to expand its activities beyond what Congress has authorized. Continue Reading

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The Farm Credit System Is Not Meeting Its Goals

Farm Credit associations are mandated by law to track their loans to young, beginning and small (YBS) farmers. Continue Reading



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