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REGULATORY CALENDAR – PART II: How Will the FCA Help Farmers with Non-accrual Loans?

Reform Farm Credit has already taken a look at the FCA’s proposed regulation on reducing regulatory burden. Among other regulations the FCA is rolling out this year is one on new “criteria for reinstating non-accrual loans”

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REGULATORY CALENDAR- PART III: Will the FCA Farm Credit’s Appraiser Problem?

The Farm Credit Administration (FCA), the regulator of the Farm Credit System (FCS), has announced that it will be rolling out new regulations through 2019 to address pressing issues, including reducing regulatory burden and instituting new criteria for restoring problem loans. Among these many proposed regulations is one on appraisals.

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Capital Farm Credit Showcases Farm Credit Merger Problem

The Farm Credit System (FCS) is supposed to serve the entire country through its local associations, which are supposed to make sure that farmers, ranchers and producers have access to credit from a local source. That local source – the association – can best serve the needs of its clients because it’s close by; it understands the local economic pressures, the community and can keep an eye on things.

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Farm Credit: Don’t Leave Young, Beginning and Small Farmers Behind

The Farm Credit System (FCS), as a government-sponsored enterprise (GSE) tasked with providing reliable access to credit for all American farmers, ranchers and producers, has special mandates. Arguably the most important mandate for the FCS is to provide reliable access to credit for young, beginning and small (YBS) farmers, ranchers and producers. The law is abundantly clear on this“Each Federal land bank association and production credit association shall prepare a program for furnishing sound and constructive credit and related services to young, beginning, and small farmers and ranchers.” Continue Reading

Lone Star ACA, a Farm Credit System (FCS) Association in Texas, Is In a Whole Heap of Trouble.

Last year it issued a Notification of Non-Reliance on Previously Issued Financial Statements, which is as bad as it sounds. Financial statements from 2016 and the first quarter of 2017 were to be disregarded and no longer relied upon due to, in Lone Star’s words, “appraisal and accounting irregularities.” Continue Reading

Thank You Senate For Passing a Farm Bill!

Every five years, Congress revisits the federal government’s agricultural policy. The House has passed its version of the Farm Bill already, and Reform Farm Credit is proud to congratulate the Senate on passing its own version as well!

The Senate deserves huge credit for this Farm Bill because it holds the Farm Credit System (FCS) accountable and makes it more secure and reliable. Continue Reading

The Farm Credit Blues?

Farm Credit’s sure isn’t singin’ the Blues with all the money they’re making on questionable home loans. But they might be singing Folk.

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Thank You House for Farm Bill Passage!

The Farm Bill, which updates government agriculture policy every five years, has passed the House of Representatives. The Senate will soon begin to deliberate on its own version of the Farm Bill.

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Senate Commits to Improving Farm Credit in Farm Bill

The Farm Bill is a large piece of legislation that, every five years, updates the federal government’s agricultural policy. And this year, the House and the Senate are working on their own versions of the Farm Bill, keeping good policy, getting rid of bad policy, and making improvements along the way.

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