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The Farm Credit Blues?

Farm Credit’s sure isn’t singin’ the Blues with all the money they’re making on questionable home loans. But they might be singing Folk.

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Thank You House for Farm Bill Passage!

The Farm Bill, which updates government agriculture policy every five years, has passed the House of Representatives. The Senate will soon begin to deliberate on its own version of the Farm Bill.

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Senate Commits to Improving Farm Credit in Farm Bill

The Farm Bill is a large piece of legislation that, every five years, updates the federal government’s agricultural policy. And this year, the House and the Senate are working on their own versions of the Farm Bill, keeping good policy, getting rid of bad policy, and making improvements along the way.

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Farm Credit is Out of Bound and Out of Date

The Farm Credit System (FCS) is renowned for its mission creep and lending outside the bounds of the law. One only needs to look at its loans to huge telecoms, technology real estate investment trusts (REITs) and customers looking to buy luxury houses. It’s pretty clear that Farm Credit is way out of bounds.

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Is Farm Credit Out of Touch?

Compeer Financial – if you heard that name, would you think of a local Farm Credit association helping local young, beginning and small farmers and ranchers?

It may come as a surprise, but Compeer Financial is a Farm Credit System (FCS) association. And this $20 billion behemoth is posting record profits. Continue Reading

House Farm Bill Demands More Farm Credit Accountability

It’s too often that the Farm Credit System (FCS) and its constituent banks and associations get away with skirting the law either by taking depositslending to bail out foreign companies or lending to companies building “server farms.” The list could go on and on.

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Farm Credit’s Top Farm Bill Concern? Compensation

Every five years the federal government reviews its national agricultural policy and updates it through a piece of legislation called the Farm Bill. Continue Reading

Farm Credit Sets Itself up for Disaster

Leave it to the Farm Credit System (FCS) and its defenders to make the same mistake over again – and now the deferral of principal payments is back. Continue Reading

Is Another Farm Credit Crisis Ahead?

In the 1980s the Farm Credit System (FCS) needed a taxpayer-funded rescue of $4 billion. Lawmakers saw that the FCS couldn’t continue Continue Reading


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