• It’s our two-year anniversary!

    Farm Credit Watch • 12.23.16

    Although the holidays are in full swing, we hope you will take some time to read through our Reform Farm Credit blog during our two-year anniversary and learn why we keep pushing for reform to the Farm Credit System (FCS).

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  • CoBank Lends to Publicly-Traded REIT

    Neglect | Risk | Waste • 12.19.16

    CoBank just doesn’t seem to get it. Month after month, quarter after quarter and year after year, CoBank extends questionable loans to what it considers “agricultural” entities. Loans to telecommunication companies, CoBank’s customers of choice, are usually defended as necessary for providing broadband access to farmers. And despite the fact that CoBank is only authorized to loan to cooperatives, it loans to large multinational corporations all the same.

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  • Midsize farms are declining – is Farm Credit helping?

    Farm Credit Watch | Neglect | Risk | Waste • 12.12.16

    The FCS has a duty, outlined in statute, to provide reliable access to credit for small farmers. So far, it hasn’t done its best to provide that access. And when government agencies don’t follow their mission, it’s time for Congress to take them to task.

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  • The FCA’s Revolving Door

    Farm Credit Watch | Neglect | Risk | Waste • 12.06.16

    Hold onto your seats – the Farm Credit Administration (FCA) is going to reform itself in the next few years! Well, not really.

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  • Reform Farm Credit Wins Out in Elections

    Neglect | Risk | Waste • 11.28.16

    The polls are closed, the ballots are counted and Reform Farm Credit is still hard at work! The 2016 elections were hard fought, but fortunately many advocates for Farm Credit System (FCS) reform came out on top.

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  • USDA picks up CoBank’s slack

    Farm Credit Watch | Neglect | Risk | Waste • 11.07.16

    CoBank, the most prominent institution in the Farm Credit System (FCS), is authorized to make loans to cooperatives that provide essential services for rural areas –electricity and telephone access are the most common. Of course, CoBank has used this to justify its horrible history of lending to huge telecoms that aren’t cooperatives – Verizon, AT&T, Frontier Communications, US Cellular – and it’s only gotten worse.

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  • Why the FCA lags behind other Federal agencies

    Farm Credit Watch | Neglect | Risk | Waste • 10.26.16

    The Farm Credit System (FCS) and its regulator the Farm Credit Administration (FCA) had gotten a pass on nearly everything – failing its mission to help small farmers, lending for “automobiles, college tuition, investments, vacation homes or almost any credit need you may have” and lending to huge telecoms. That is, until it was reprimanded […]

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  • Is Farm Credit Growing Out of Touch?

    Neglect | Risk | Waste • 10.20.16

    We’ve seen how the Farm Credit System (FCS) has exploded in size since 2003. At $315 billion in total assets, the FCS, if it were considered a bank, would be the 9th largest in the country. And now we can see something close to an opposite trend. Almost. Over the past 14 years, while the […]

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  • Farm Credit Looms Larger and Larger

    Farm Credit Watch | Neglect | Risk | Waste • 09.30.16

    Year after year, the Farm Credit System (FCS) has grown larger and larger. A year ago, the size of the FCS was $291 billion in total assets. And as of March 31, 2016, the FCS’s size was $315 billion in total assets.  Let that number sink in. Most community banks, by total asset size, are […]

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  • Federal lawmakers in Iowa sound the alarm on Farm Credit

    Waste • 08.29.16

    Iowa – a state with a longstanding agricultural tradition. If someone says something about agriculture there, people across the country should be sure to listen.

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