• Farm Credit Sets Itself up for Disaster

    Reform Farm Credit • 03.21.18

    Leave it to the Farm Credit System (FCS) and its defenders to make the same mistake over again – and now the deferral of principal payments is back. The FCS needed a bailout by America’s taxpayers in 1987, following the 1980s Farm Crisis.  Four billion dollars later, but still, few lessons were learned. One of the […]

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  • Five Things Congress Can Do To Fix Farm Credit In The Farm Bill

    Farm Credit Watch | Reform Farm Credit • 03.14.18

    Every five years, Congress makes sure that agricultural policy stays fresh by developing a piece of legislation called the Farm Bill. Congress is working on it this year, and that means there is imminent opportunity for Congress to fix some of the Farm Credit System’s (FCS) most egregious issues. Congress can’t tackle all of the […]

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  • Farm Credit Insurance Corp. Lowers Premiums Despite Growing Debt

    Reform Farm Credit • 01.29.18

    Like any insurance corporation, the Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation (FCSIC) is there to protect Farm Credit System (FCS) institutions, inspire confidence in them, and pay claims if an FCS institution fails. The FCSIC operates like any insurance corporation would: it collects premiums from FCS banks and associations and pays claims when those institutions run […]

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  • Reform Farm Credit 2017 Year in Review

    Reform Farm Credit • 01.09.18

    Happy New Year! Reform Farm Credit (RFC) has been hard at work for three years, making sure that the Farm Credit System (FCS) follows the rules, stays within its mandate and helps the young, beginning and small farmers it was created to serve. 2017 was a momentous year for RFC, with RFC holding the Farm Credit […]

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  • Is Farm Credit Putting American Taxpayers at Risk?

    Reform Farm Credit • 01.09.18

    In 1987, American taxpayers generously guaranteed $4 billion worth of bonds so that the Farm Credit System (FCS), overwhelmed by debt brought on by its inappropriate, irresponsible lending activity before and during the 1980s farm crisis, could survive. American taxpayers were willing to forgive the FCS’s abuses and bailed it out. But agriculture experts are […]

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  • Farm Credit Deposits Are Unlawful, Uninsured and At Risk

    Reform Farm Credit • 12.05.17

    Before and after its bailout in the 1980s, the Farm Credit System’s (FCS) M.O. has been to expand its activities beyond what Congress has authorized. Most of the time, that’s meant lending for unauthorized purposes – loans to huge telecoms, technology real estate investment trusts (REITs) and customers looking to buy luxury houses. But the FCS is constantly overstepping […]

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  • Farm Credit Wants in on Health Care

    Farm Credit Watch | Risk | Waste • 11.21.17

    Everyone needs health care, including farmers, but does that mean the Farm Credit System (FCS) needs to get involved? Farm Credit definitely thinks so. In a case of trying to slip something under the radar, the Farm Credit Administration (FCA) Board decided, in a notational vote taken between official meetings no less, to approve a request […]

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  • Farm Credit’s Unfair Edge

    Farm Credit Watch • 10.10.17

    The details are everything. One gritty detail, often overlooked, is that Farm Credit is allowed to have in-house appraisers – just one of its many advantages over small, rural farm banks, and an Achilles heel that could threaten its stability. The case of LoneStar ACA, a Farm Credit association in Texas, is especially illustrative. It […]

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  • Lone Star Ag Credit’s ‘Irregularities

    Farm Credit Watch • 09.15.17

    The Farm Credit System (FCS) can’t seem to shake its reputation for shoddy accounting and questionable deals. On top of targeting a bankrupt college, creating “a shell corporation to funnel federal money” in Connecticut and its usual questionable loans to huge corporations, now one FCS association has run into trouble. Big trouble. Lone Star ACA, […]

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  • When will Farm Credit Help Beginning Farmers

    Waste • 08.25.17

    Leave it to the Farm Credit System (FCS) and its defenders to say the obvious and do little to actually bring it about. Young, beginning and small farmers across the country are hungry for credit, and the FCS has an abundance of resources to lend to them. According to, the Farm Credit Council’s (FCC) Mark […]

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